3 Tips to Making up Good Research Paper Topics

The topic of your research paper is one of the most important parts. It affects everything else, and determines how and what you research, as well as your position and how you write the paper. Since everything else relies so completely on the topic, it’s very important to choose a good one. Keep reading to find out how to pick the best topic for your research paper.

1. Ask People You Know

Some of the best inspiration can come from the people already around you. Talk to your friends, fellow students, professors and family about what you’re studying in class. Ask them for ideas as if they were the ones writing the research paper, what topic would they pick? Even just a brainstorming session with some friends and some junk food can be extremely helpful.

Write down each idea you talk about with these people, even if it seems like something you’d definitely not choose. Keep a list of all of them, and later you can narrow down your choices once you’ve done some initial research on each idea.

2. Read or Watch Everything You Can Get Your Hands On

The public library or your school library is a great place to start. Look up books, journals, magazine articles, videos or other research papers to get some more inspiration. Often a really good way of picking your topic is to just get more familiar with the subject matter in general. If you’re in a class about personal finances, for example, just learning more about that and getting deep into class material might lead you to an idea you hadn’t thought of or known anything about yet.

3. Make a List

Lastly, take that list of all the ideas you’ve come up with, and think of what position you’d take on each. Go through every single item and write down what angle you could approach it from, and what you might say about it.

When you do have your research paper topic chosen, the rest of the essay will be a lot easier to focus on. Make sure that your topic is approved by your teacher; often they will give suggestions and help you brainstorm about how to support your topic as well. Making a solid outline and organizing your research notes is a lot easier once your topic is settled, too. Good luck with that research paper!