Composing The Final Draft Of An Essay

When it comes to writing your final draft an essay, be close to completion of your work. Essentially, it will be your final piece that you will hand in and, therefore, it should be as full and complete as possible.

When should you write the final draft of an essay

Prior to writing your final draft, you will have written your first draft and, potentially, any other drafts in between. These earlier drafts of your work will gradually be improving and getting closer to what you want your final piece to be. Essentially, the draft before you write your final draft should be almost complete and just need tidying up and only any minor changes will be made at this point.

Any major changes will have been made prior to this point; therefore, you should only write your final draft once you are reasonably happy with what you written so far. Ideally, you will have included all your main points and any important information that you gathered during your research and, essentially, you will have an almost completed piece of work. Your final draft is just going to polish the work up and make it ready to hand in.

What is different about the final draft of an essay compared to the first draft

there will almost certainly be a dramatic difference between your first draft your final draft. You should treat your first draft as an experiment, to some extent. It certainly does not need to be perfect, nor will you need to necessarily keep all of the information that you included in your first draft, in your final draft.

Your first draft may include a great deal of information that, during the subsequent writing stages, you realise are not relevant to the work that you are doing or, for whatever reason, should not be included. Equally, there may be other things that you have found out and discovered during the writing process that you want to include that will be included in your final draft that have not been written in your first draft.

How to know when your final draft is finished

When you feel that you have finished your final draft, there is one last thing to do and that is to edit and proofread it. In fact, it can easy to miss mistakes even at this stage when editing proofreading yourself, so sometimes it is useful to get someone else to help you with this. Once all the mistakes have been ironed out and you are happy with the final work then it is finished and ready to hand in.