Never Use These Argument Essay Topics

Argument essays can be challenging but interesting to write, when you have the right topic. In some cases there are topics you should avoid for a number of reasons. Some topics are unwinnable; they are purely based on personal beliefs. Other argument topics may not have anything new to add to the argument. With various topic ideas being common in nature it can set the stage for plagiarism.

Common topics should only be explored if you are able to add something different or present it from a unique perspective. Understanding topics to avoid will increase chances of finding a suitable topic for your assignment. The following points provide insight on argument topics to avoid.

  • Topics overdone or commonly written about. Sometimes it is best to leave topics such as abortion, gun control and capital punishment alone for the time being, especially if they have been written by others so many times. Such topics can pose a challenge if you are not able to find a different viewpoint to make your essay original.
  • Topics that explore false theories. These ideas are more like something for a science-fiction book or the tabloids. Examples may include abduction of aliens or trying to figure out who assassinated a top political figure years ago. These ideas tend to have information missing or made up as time moves forward. An argument essay explores concepts and issues that affect others while being meaningful with true information.
  • Topics you know little about. If you are not willing to research a topic thoroughly to show both sides of the argument you are wasting your time. When you are knowledgeable on a subject it will show in your essay. Understanding your topic is important as you will need to gather evidence to prove your side of the argument is best. Lack of interest can hurt your ability to create a good essay.
  • Topics considered offensive to others. There is a time and place to bring up controversial topics, but in some cases it is best to leave them out of the equation when it comes to writing essay. Such topics may include content that can be hurtful to others, and in some cases it can be difficult to write about them without affecting feelings of others in a negative manner. It may be best to review your idea with your instructor before getting started.