APA Style Essays Are Hard To Complete

What is an APA essay? It is an American Psychological Association (APA) technique of configuring and referencing essays. Like everything, some people like it, because they find it easier to use a template, because it acts like a guide. The thought of writing an essay from scratch is daunting to most. Whereas others find it difficult to use. This article discusses why most people find it hard to use.

The main problematic areas are the restrictions which it holds, complexity and the fact that it can be awkward for some users. Below I will discuss each are in turn:

  • Restriction
  • There are a limited number of subjects that it can be used for such as behavioural and social sciences. The formatting issues restrict it from being used for other subjects for instance humanities.

  • Complexity
  • Some students find it extremely complex. There is a requirement to have a certain level of word processing skills in order to use the APA style, because the formatting is complex. The requirement is to at least have an advance level of word processing skills due to the way that the header needs to be formatted in comparison to the rest of the document.

It is deemed as a disadvantage that there are no footnotes or endnotes required. Some see footnotes as a distraction that detracts the reader from reading the essays whereas others deem it to be helpful in understanding the text as they read along. They prefer this option to having to stop reading and refer to another point in the essay to get a full understanding of the point they are reading at that moment.


There is a direct correlation between the reference list and the internal parenthetical citations in alphabetical order, this can be deemed as being problematic compared to reference lists that are numerically in order of the numerical in-test citations.

Like everything in life there are some advantages and disadvantages. Above I mainly listed the disadvantages and highlighted the need for ensuring that you have the level of word processing skills in order to implement APA into your essay. There are some distinct advantages such as APA format requires double-spacing for most documents. It is easier to read and allows editors to make notes and comments in between the lines.

The choice does depend on the subject you are writing and your IT skills. Those are the key factors to consider when choosing to write in an APA style for your essay.