How To Complete Your Essay In No Time

It is springtime, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you are stuck inside working on your English essay assignment! Many students, struggle with long form writing because they simple "do not want to do it." It isn't that they find it particularly hard or difficult, they just fail to put in the time because there are so many other things that they would rather be doing. Their grades suffer because they whip a few paragraphs together last-minute and hand them in.

What if I were to tell you that there is an easy way to ace your essay AND complete it in no time. Smart students understand that there is ways to cut corners and work smarter not harder to achieve good grades. Basically, by following these four easy steps, you can learn how to complete your essay in less than two hours and still get a fantastic evaluation.

  1. Choose a common topic and research it
  2. Instead of trying to think of an original concept or idea answer your essay question using a common topic or answer that has a lot of research readily available for you to use. A mistake that many students make is they try to choose something far-fetched that is difficult to find supporting research for. Remember, that there is nothing wrong with giving a general answer if the answer is well supported with strong evidence. You'll save yourself time if you just pick an idea that is easy to work with.

  3. Find An Essay Example Online Written On The Same Subject
  4. To make things even easier, try to find a writing sample online that is written on the same topic as you are researching. You can then use the thesis for that essay to re-write your own thesis using your own words. It is extremely important that you reword the content so that it 100% original. Make sure that you do not copy anything from the writing example word for word. Instead, re-spin it so that it comes across as unique.

    From this thesis lay out an outline that includes three supporting paragraphs. Use examples from the writing sample or research new examples. Once again use your own words to write the content. Be careful not to plagiarize from the example.

  5. Write Your Original Essay Using The Outline
  6. Now that you have a fantastic outline write your essay. Because you used someone else’s writing sample to find your ideas be careful

    to express them using your own words. If the sample has used research resources make sure you verify them for yourself. It may be a good idea to try to find a second resource so that all of your cited sources are not same.

  7. Run Your Essay Through Copyscape
  8. If you use this technique to write an essay fast take the time to check and make sure that your paper passes a copyscape test.  Chances are that this is the first thing that your instructor will do before they grade your essay. If you have been clever about rewording each paragraph and switching up some of the research resources then your essay should pass no problem. This is a great tool for helping you get your writing assignments done faster. However, it is not as effective for learning as writing the entire paper from scratch.