Interesting research paper topic ideas

To be original in your research paper your topic should be exceptional. Every student should strive to be as inventive as possible by staying away from the humdrum topics that professors have come to expect their students to choose.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, try some of these:

Alternative energy

Researching the various methods we do and can use to become more environmentally friendly is an enriching experience. Why are some already discovered methods still not being used today? Does our need for convenience trump the environment?

The unisex bathroom trend

We’re at least a good decade and a half into the advent of sharing each other’s bathrooms. Does it still freak people out as much as it used to? Why have some companies not instituted this trend? Give your feelings about the topic and some historical background into how unthinkable this trend would have been fifty years ago.

Children and discipline

What’s the root of children being so much more out of hand than previous decades? Are undisciplined children a sign of undisciplined parenting? Discuss tantrums, spanking, and whether or not modern methods of parenting are effective considering the results.

The fountain of youth

Explore the measures we take to stay young and look our best. Why are some more concerned about their youthfulness than others?

Why do some see communism as anti-Christian?

Some would argue that democracy is overrated and even an illusion. What factors make communism so unworkable? Can these factors be tweaked to create a system that people will embrace? Why are Christians so dead set against communism?

College versus street smarts

How important is a college degree? With so many uneducated—yet successful—people in the world, what streetwise knowledge can be learnt in life that schools can’t offer?

Also related: With the advent of the information age, is the traditional sense of school becoming irrelevant? Many have argued that curriculums for children are too general to offer to everyone. Is there a way to identify a child’s passion and have them choose their path early on in life?

Pick a decade

A fun topic to write on is the landmarks that played the biggest parts in changing our society during a certain decade. Take the eighties, the fifties, the twenties, or even a decade before these. Research the main points that changed the way people think and do things. You won’t be short of interesting points with this one.