Good Accounting Dissertation Topics

The key to finding a good topic for anything, but particularly dissertations, is to consider a wide array of options. You can do your dissertation on anything under the sun as long as it’s related to accounting, so start by making a list of every possible aspect of the field that you can think of; even the most mundane or smallest tasks that are involved with being an accountant. Take at least 30 minutes to do this; if you can’t think of anything else and the time isn’t up yet, reread your list so far and ask yourself about each item on it: why is this done this way? Who does this help? And you’ll likely think of even more ideas to add.

Another tip is to ask your teacher, your thesis advisor, family, friends, etc. and especially if you or someone you know employs an accountant for their finances, talk to a professional in the field about what they love and what it’s like after graduation. Speaking with someone who has already been through writing a dissertation can be very helpful to you as a student in finding what you want to write about.

8 Good Topic Ideas

Whether you’ve already gotten a list or not you can find this list helpful. Use some of the below ideas to start one or to add to it if you already have done some brainstorming. Here are several ideas that can spark a topic that you might want to use:

  1. Cash-basis accounting
  2. Accounting Ethics
  3. Accounting information system
  4. Management accounting
  5. Environmental accounting
  6. Construction accounting
  7. Accounting for risk
  8. Cash-basis versus accrual-basis accounting
  9. Browse through this list and see if any of them stand out or particularly interest you. Also consider taking one of these ideas and using a different angle or approach to them, for a completely different dissertation. If you really can’t decide, then search online. Each of these ideas, one at a time and see what materials you can find. If there are any journal articles, books or other resources that you wish you read or find at the library, then that’s probably a good indicator that you have found one you’re interested in enough to write an entire dissertation about. Keep at it and sooner than you know you’ll have a full list of good ideas. The next step is to narrow that down to just the best one.