Prompts for writing an intro paragraph for an essay

Writing an introductory paragraph for an essay is something that leaves many students feeling “stuck”. For most students that is because they feel confined to write the introductory paragraph prior to writing any of the body text and therefore sit and wait for days until the introduction is complete before they actually write their paper.

But the truth is: you do not have to do the introduction first. In fact you can wait to finish the introduction until the body of your essay is complete.

Instead take some time to research and take accurate notes and form a well developed thesis. You can do research and write the body of your text on a thesis alone and save the intro for the end.

When you are writing it is best to take accurate notes from the beginning. Taking notes well will help you to better understand the principles that you are learning and will save you a great deal of time and frustration when you begin writing the paper.

If you are having trouble thinking of a topic, take some time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What topics do you truly care about?
  • What issues do you often discuss with your friends or family?
  • What items rouse passion in you?

To jump start the brainstorming process, you can look over the list below and see if the range of topics inspire you:

  • Do people need art to live a full and exciting life? Consider the book Brave New World and the concept of removing all art
  • Does musical training make musicians more successful? Should it be required for more than just Broadway?
  • Does society neglect the pressures placed on men and instead force them to suffer in silence? Why is it acceptable for society to address the pressures of appearance for women but not the pressures for success and money for men?
  • Should photoshopped images be banned? Is there negative influence on teens destructive psychologically?
  • Do violent video games actually lead to more violent behaviour?
  • Do girls have more pressure to have perfect bodies? Address the psychological idea that 80% of all females would rather have a perfect body and be with a significant other who was out of shape compared to being the one out of shape with a physically fit significant other. Does this still root to biology?