Learning How to Write Good Essays for the English Class

English teachers are notorious for assigning essays. The essays are usually assigned so students can learn to write a particular style, like the persuasive, informative, and expository styles. They are also often assigned so the teacher can see your thoughts on a particular literary topic. English teachers not only assign essays, but they provide instruction on how to write. But, not every instructional style works for every student, which is why so many students fail to learn how to write essays for English classes and other classes, too.

Learn the Format

When you need to learn how to write essays, it is important to understand that essays have a format. Once you learn this format and put it to memory, you can organize any essay for any class. The format is similar to a recipe for baking a cake. You need to have certain ingredients to make the actual cake, but the flavor of the cake, the shape of the cake, and the frosting on the cake vary from cake to cake. With an essay, you need the same recipe, but you can use different words to give each essay you write its own distinct “flavor.”

Part One

The format includes three distinct parts. The first is the introductory section. It is usually a paragraph in length and should begin with the hook and end with the thesis. In the middle are a few sentences that connect the hook and thesis together. English teachers love to see unique hooks like a short anecdote, three rhetorical questions, or an appropriate quote from a famous person. They also like to see you provide plenty of background information between the hook and thesis, which is your controlling statement.

Part Two

The middle of the essay includes the body paragraphs. In an English class essay, you should write at least three paragraphs. The structure of each paragraph is essentially the same. The first paragraph is the topic sentence and the rest of the essay includes details and explanations of those details. You should include several of these combinations in each paragraph.

Part Three

The end of the essay is the conclusion, which can be written as a backwards introduction. The thesis is usually the first sentence - but be sure to rewrite the thesis in new words. The middle of the conclusion is where you restate the main ideas from your essay. The ending of the conclusion paragraph should reconnect to the hook, so you could finish the anecdote, answer the questions, or use another quote.