A List of Interesting Scientific Topics for Research Papers

Finding a research topic for a science research paper can be very difficult. It can be confusing and frustrating. It is important to remember to concentrate on a topic that is interesting and has many subtopics that can be discussed throughout the paper. While writing a research paper, it is important to back up a statement with several arguments and evidence to support it. Below, is a list of interesting scientific topics that can be used for a research paper.

  • Is A Gluten-Free Diet Healthy for Everyone?
  • Do Diet Cleanse Products Give Long Lasting Results?
  • What Causes Cancer?
  • What Can Be Done For Memory Loss Early On In Life?
  • Does Eastern Medicine Work?
  • Is Caffeine Bad For the Body?

Is A Gluten-Free Diet Healthy for Everyone?

This topic is both recent and informative. Many movie stars are using the “GF” diet to lose pounds and cleanse the toxicity out of their body. But what is the population that needs to be gluten-free? What happens to somebody who has celiac disease? There are several ways to go about this research paper.

Do Diet Cleanse Products Give Long Lasting Results?

This is also another recent fad. Many public figures as well as “diet experts” claim that juicing and cleansing the body are the number one ways to lose pesky weight. Start the project off with listing ingredients, as well as researching what a nutritionist has to say. If a diet cleanse does work, what is the best kind? Either way, the argument can be strong and defended.

What Causes Cancer?

This is a very broad topic. Start by choosing a type of cancer, and researching the various theories behind what causes it. By looking up the research that is being done by scientists, it will be easier to explain scientist’s findings and their theory behind what causes cancer. Beware of opinion, and stick to facts that have been proven by science.

What Can Be Done For Memory Loss Early on in Life?

Memory loss and the brain have been an interesting topic throughout history. There are several websites and studies that show various activities young adults should do in order to not have severe memory loss.

Does Eastern Medicine Work?

Living in the western world, many doctors and patients are skeptical of eastern medicine and theory. To research for this topic, looking up various types of eastern medicine should be the first step. After, read testimonials from patients who have been treated with eastern medicine, and read what western doctors have concluded.

Is Caffeine Bad for the Body?

For this topic, researching various types of caffeine including coffee, tea, and energy drinks is essential. Another angle would be researching what caffeine is and how it affects not only humans, but also animals.