8 Useful Essay Ideas That Will Help You Succeed

An essay is so much work! Because you know it has to be a great essay to be rewarded top grades, it’s a good idea to follow a plan that’s proven to work. Many students find themselves avoiding their essay writing. That’s not a good thing to do because writing an essay can be one of the most critical parts of the school curriculum.

There is high competition and high expectations in academic subjects so students really have to deliver. Here are some steps that expert essay writers generally use that could really propel your essay writing skills to the top if you carefully study and follow them:

  1. Think about writing as a process rather than just a task you have to do within a certain deadline. Think of all the parts of the process such as reading, planning, thinking, and organizing. You must study and understand your topic. The research should take place before any writing. Of course, you can start jotting down notes and ideas while reading.

  2. Draw out a plan. The best kind of plan is a flowchart or outline of ideas. Be flexible because you might want to change the order later. Group them into logical categories.

  3. Your English must be correct and compelling. It doesn’t mean you should use big words that most people have to look up in the dictionary before they can continue reading. In fact, don’t do that. Your words should be simple and carefully chosen. They should reflect your field of studies and be presented in a professional manner.

  4. Make a rough draft of your essay. Don’t think about being perfect the first time you sit down to write because this will only make the writing harder to do.

  5. Remember you can’t cover every detail of every possible point. Choose a narrow topic and elaborate on it as much as the scope of your essay will allow. You must make the reader think, question and deliberate. Keep your writing in moderation and don’t lose focus.

  6. Your essay is a sample of knowledge that you are sharing. You are adding to the great repository of world knowledge. Make it count.

  7. Proofread and edit. This can’t be stressed enough. Many potentially great essays have fallen by the wayside because students were too proud to edit. Get the opinion of someone else. You can’t be your own editor.

  8. Revise if you must. Once your essay is free from error, have someone check the logical flow of ideas. Revise if necessary.