Ida Noddack

Ida Noddack was born in 1896. She was born Ida Tacke. She is a chemist and physicist from Germany. Noddack is known for discovering, with her husband Walter Noddack, an element called Rhenium.

Noddack was one of the first females to study chemistry in the country of Germany. She also attended college in berlin. It was unusual for women to go to college at that time. In 1921, he obtained her doctorate at the Technical University of Berlin. In 1926, she then married the chemist Walter Noddack. They had worked together in the past as partners.

Noddack was not pleased with her predecessor’s theories on nuclear fission. As a result, she wrote her paper “On element 93.” This thesis challenged past theories and suggested the idea of challenging Enrico Fermi. Fermi had produced chemical proofs in 1934. The proofs were important as they dealt with neutron bombardment experiments and theories. She pointed out his flaws on chemical proofs. But the paper offered no solutions. She, as well as many others, continued working on nuclear fusion, which did not exist as a process or a term before her paper was published.

Ida and her husband worked at the Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt. They were looking for the elements # 43 and # 75, which did not exist at the time. Instead, they claimed the discovery fro element # 75 and # 43. # 75 is called Rhenium and # 43 is called Masurium. The confirmation process was only successful for # 75, and the pair of chemists did not confirm # 43. Additionally, the experts in the field felt that the name choice was too political and unacceptable for use at that time. It was considered naturalistic. Two scientists, Segre and Perrier, found # 43 later. Masataka Ogawa also claimed # 43. It appeared that some of these people used the Noddack’s studies and an investigation was made.

Ida was honored and then nominated for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry three different times. And then the husband and wife pair was nominated for the award in 1937. They did not win it together or separately. The team is quite famous for their hard work and for their discovery of the element # 75. Element # 75 plays an important role in the reaction of nuclear fission. Ida and Walter’s discovery was very important in the field of chemistry and nuclear studies.