How to Choose Good Topics to Write an Investigative Essay About

The majority of students agree that carrying out investigations is exiting and even fun. This type of writing assignment is more interesting to work on, because you can choose any issue that you would like to learn more about and investigate it. However, the vast choice of topics becomes a huge problem for students who do not know how to choose good topics to write about in the first place. Some ideas below are useful, as they explain what you could exactly focus on when preparing your investigation essay.

  1. Some ideas that you can investigate are strange, while some of them seem scary. For example, would you like to find out what happens to dead bodies in a local morgue? If so, you should get your teacher’s permission and write your investigation essay about how pathoanatomists work with corpses.
  2. If you are still interested in investigating medical issues but do not want to go a local morgue, you can visit any hospital and learn how the medical staff helps car accident victims. Students from medical schools can also answer your questions, and give you insights into why they want to help people and what they consider the most complicated part of their future jobs will be.
  3. Many students want to know more about business operations. A good idea is to visit your favorite shop or café, and investigate how the owner manages to run the business and make profits when there are so many rivals around.
  4. If you feel passionate about helping others, then it is a good idea to learn more about public services available for the homeless or drug addicts. You can investigate how volunteers help individuals who undergo hardships.
  5. Original essay topics are always appreciated by teachers. For instance, you can visit an anthropology museum and investigate questions related to life origination on the planet. It is also interesting to study whether there have been any UFO sightings in the local area; you can talk to witnesses and conclude whether the testimonies are reliable.

The ideas listed above are samples that you can use. However, you will not be able to write an outstanding investigative essay if you are not interested in the topic. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the topics that you would like to study deeper. Keep in mind that it takes some time to complete field work; e.g. to visit a site, talk to business owners, or make inquiries about an investigative matter.