Good Argumentative Essay Topics on the Death Penalty

The death penalty is a favorite subject of instructors to assign to students for argumentative essays. The first half or portion of the argumentative essay writing process is picking a side, reflecting, and researching. In short:

  • Pick a side.
  • Research.

Pick A Side

As with any argumentative essay, you’ll need to pick a side of the fence. If your instructor has assigned sides for you to defend, you’ll have to do your best to strongly argue that side—especially if you don’t support that side of the argument. Choosing a side will make it easier for you answer some of the questions you should ask to develop talking points.

  • Is it likely that people on death row are innocent of their crime?
  • How would justice be served for the families if the death penalty was taken away?
  • What are the social concerns against the death penalty? How are they able to support their point? What is the social opinion for capital punishment?
  • Should the speed that execution dates arrive be accelerated? Should the death penalty be issued more sparingly?
  • Is the death penalty humane? Should it matter if the death penalty is humane?

The conclusions you reach and the logic between the question and the answer will be a bulk of your paper. So take plenty of time to reflect on your questions and answers. If you don’t support the side your instructors gave you about the death penalty or if you don’t feel strongly one way or the other, just phone it in.


Research is the most important thing you will need to do at the start of your argumentative essay procedure.

Even though it’s extremely important, it’s not all that difficult. It requires only a few steps to successfully accomplish it:

  • Read the resources.
  • Take notes of resources’ pages and excerpts.
  • Related researched facts or opinions with your side of the argument.

That’s all to it. There are no super-secret tricks to research. These have always been the core parts to research and note that you’ll need to do some degree of research anyways. It’s required by most instructors that you have something resembling a bibliography and citations. Aside from that, research makes sure your argument has strong legs to stand on. Research also serves as a good alternate or supplemental method of coming up with questions to answer.