What Are The Best Narrative Essay Topics For College

The reason that most of us aren’t very good at writing narrative essays is because we aren’t that great at writing stories to begin with but if you have the right topic then you can write a great narrative essay.  Here are a few topics that you can use in your essay or they might even give you some ideas on another topic you could cover.

Best Narrative Essay Topics

  • How has your childhood affected you as an adult?  Looking back at how you were as a child and who you are today is a great topic that you can cover in your essay.
  • What did you learn about love from your first relationship?  Love is a hard word to define and your first relationship can show you how love works and what to expect in later relationships.
  • How has a failed relationship or marriage changed the way you look relationships or have you learned from them?  Looking at a failed relationship can help you learn from your mistakes but sometimes it doesn’t end up that way.  What have you done after a failed relationship to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again?
  • When did you realized that your parents were so important, what happened that make you realize this?  We all have that moment when we realize how important our parents are, this might be something that you do that they do or when you find out what they sacrificed for you or it could even be the death of one of them for you to realize how important they are to you.
  • What has raising a pet taught you over the years?  Having a pet that you have taken care of over the years can be an important part of childhood.  Over the years what has having that pet taught you?
  • Why is it your best friend doesn’t always stay that way over time?  Are best friends can change over time, from elementary, middle, and high school, why is that?  Even as adults are best friends can change, is it because we change over the years or just we go different ways then our best friends.
  • Have you ever saved someone’s life or have your life saved by someone else?  This narrative essay can show your reader’s the kindness of strangers, whether if it was you or a stranger saving someone else’s life.