Organizing Your Movie Review Writing Process

Review writing is an interesting work to do but it requires certain techniques, logical and critical thinking and creativity as well. If you are a creative person you can write a review of any book, magazine, story, essay or movie. If you are a student and you have to submit your assignment on a movie review and you are worried about it then you do not need to worry now, here few basic points will be provided to you which will help you organizing your review writing process. Every student can write the review up to some extent but usually they lack the practice due to which the reviews written by them seems to be absurd and incoherent. They can provide you the information but in a very vague manner.

Following steps can be taken in order to organize your movie review writing process:

  1. Scrutiny or exploration:(investigate about the topic, book or movie)
  2. Planning and designing: (brainstorming before the start of writing)
  3. Discovering: (finding and including the important points)
  4. Drafting:( summarize the main idea)
  5. Consulting: (consult your draft with others)
  6. Finalizing: (make your final draft after consultation and correction)
  7. Proofreading: (present your review to some senior in order to proofread.)

Now, there are few points which a review writer must keep in his/her mind. These points carry the major concern of the readers or audience, so you must not forget including or checking for them. Following are the points which you must keep in your mind while writing a review:

  • Audience’s /Reader’s Expectations:
  • Review writer must fulfill the expectations and demands of the readers and audience.

  • Quality of the content:
  • The quality in the written script should be ensured.

  • Main idea:
  • The central themes and main idea of the movie must be discussed in the review.

  • Writing Format:
  • The style and format of the writing should meet some standard criterion.

  • Organization:
  • The organization of the review or paper should be well maintained.

  • Usage of Language:
  • The usage of the language should be formal and proper understandable.

  • Grammar and sentence structure:
  • Check for the grammar, sentence structure and punctuation marks etc.

  • Interpretation:
  • The interpretation provided in the review must be correct and logically related to the movie.

  • Conclusion:
  • The conclusion should be clear and coherent.

These are all the steps you can follow to complete an organized movie review.