Free Online Plagiarism Checkers - Can Students Benefit From Them?

It is easier than ever to be a student in the modern, computerized world. Students who write research papers and essays have access to information without having to leave their homes. Even as late as the 1980s and 1990s, students had to go to the library to look up information in actual card catalogs, use actual periodicals, and search pieces of microfiche. Students had to write from their own knowledge and use actual typewriters to create neat papers for classes.

Modern Conveniences

Today’s students can use search engines, find sample papers, and even hire someone to write a paper for them. They also have access to a tool that students in the previous century would never have considered using: a free, online plagiarism checker. Due to the fact that teachers are very leery of any work that students turn in, online plagiarism checkers have popped to help teachers and professors ensure that students are actually writing their own papers.

Use the Plagiarism Checker - You Know Your Teacher Will

If a teacher can use an online plagiarism checker, so can a student. Any student who is writing a paper for a class or buying a paper for a class should always use a plagiarism checker before turning the paper in to the teacher. Students should always print out the report from the plagiarism checker to prove to the teacher that they did not copy. If a teacher happens to use a different one with different results, the student can prove that he wrote a paper that he found to be free of plagiarism.

Make the Necessary Changes

Many people who use free plagiarism checkers are often shocked to discover how easy it is to find plagiarized lines. Because there are only so many words and phrases, plagiarism checkers usually find something that has already been written. If there are a few phrases that pop-up on a plagiarism checker, you usually do not have to worry, especially if they are from websites or papers that are about completely different topics.

Students who find too many phrases that are found on other websites and papers can always make the changes to remove them. Since the plagiarism checkers will quickly identify the phrases, it is easy to make the necessary changes to avoid plagiarism altogether.

Check the Purchased Papers

If you buy essays, it is vital to check them against a plagiarism checker. If you find too many plagiarized phrases, you might need to request that you get your money back, or make the necessary changes so that your essay will be graded appropriately by your teacher.