What’s The Purpose Of A College Term Paper?

It is hard to believe that students would even ask this question. “What is the purpose of a college term paper”, I mean let’s be honest aside from making you squirm a college term paper is clearly meant to demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts that are being covered in class.

However, maybe we are trying to be more philosophical “What IS the purpose of a college term paper really?”

Well the reason why instructors assign these papers is to give you a grade, so you can either a.) Move on in your academic career or b.) Drop out and go work at Burger King.

The reason why they assign papers is to encourage you to learn the subject matter independently and also learn how to write a cohesive report. Term papers summarize everything you have covered in a given class throughout a “term”, understanding this will help you ace them every single time.

How To Ace A Term Paper

Knowing what the purpose of a term paper is will help you ace it, because you will know what kind of content to include in order to impress your instructor. For example if you are taking an English course that has been studying Shakespeare themes all semester, you better write a darn good paper discussing Shakespeare themes! It isn’t rocket science.

Well unless you are studying rocket science, then you better have written an extremely great paper discussing rocket science. Do you understand now?

Term papers are not meant to “torture” students but instead to help them critically examine a concept using the resources that they have been given. The reason why more and more professors opt for this method of instruction is because it gives a clearer sense of how much an individual student has absorbed. Multiple choice exams and quizzes only reveal so much, instructors can grade term papers more objectively and that is the main reason why they have become more common.

If you are worried about the written component of your courses or the two words “term” and “paper” put together make you uncomfortable, you can always hire a professional academic writing service to help you out. Ever since the beginning of time, instructors have been assigning “term papers” to grade students, and students have been outsmarting them buy hiring “geeky kids” to write their paper for them. No harm no foul, your only hurting yourself here.