Why Do Students Choose To Buy Research Papers Online?

This is a very interesting question and the answers may surprise you. The most obvious answer is because the student is lazy and simply doesn't want to put in the effort of researching and writing their research paper. This is correct in a number of cases. However, research on the subject paints a very different picture.

Many students believe, wrongly in fact, that any material found online is in the public domain. These students believe they are perfectly free to borrow, or rather pinch, anything found on the Internet. Of course there is a great deal of material online which is in the public domain and therefore able to be used without payment or infringement of any law. But conversely there is a great deal of material online which is very much not in the public domain.

The research paper topic is boring

Another reason why many students go online to purchase a research paper is because the topic they have been assigned is to them dead set boring. They have little or no interest in the topic and thus no enthusiasm for inspiration to tackle the research and writing of the paper. For them it is so much easier to simply purchase a completed paper.

Of course having purchased the paper many realize it would be a bad move to submit it word for word. So they undertake what is known as ‘patch writing’ where the student takes a finished paper and makes a number of simple alterations throughout. They believe by doing this they will get away with the finished product.

Students are disorganized

Another reason why many students buy research papers online is because they are hopeless when it comes to time and motion studies. They don't know how to plan their academic activities. They are too busy having a good time at college to put aside the appropriate time for research and writing purposes. They may not even be lazy.

Sadly for students in this situation, one serious problem is that they are often purchasing an online research paper which is poor in quality. It's not so much that the teacher or tutor who was reading the research paper is able to determine it has been bought, but rather that the quality of the writing no matter who the author is, is simply lousy. This only compounds the folly of the student who bought the paper. In the long run, it’s always better to put aside enough time to research and write the paper yourself.