Book Report on Who Moved My Cheese

If you are in any type of business industry, you have most likely been assigned the task of reading Who Moved My Cheese. This book teaches people the way to accept change, especially in the workplace and it does it with the use of allegorical mice to have to struggle finding their cheese. The book sold millions of copies as many industries used this book to help their employees move into the technology age and to adapt to the challenges of the new economy. Fortunately, if you have been asked to read this book, there are many resources for writing book reports so you can prove to your boss (or your professor) that you have read this book.

It’s a Quick Read

One thing to know before you look for a free or low-cost book report is that the book Who Moved My Cheese is very short and it is very easy to read. The author must have known that many of the people would be required to read this book do not like to read, so he made it quite simple. It is a book that can be finished in a night or two. Because of the brevity, you might want to consider saving your money and actually reading it yourself.

Lessons to Learn

There are some powerful lessons to be learned in this book about change. If you are undertaking the task of writing your own book report, it is a good idea to stress the best ways to manage change in your life and in the workplace. Your boss or professor will enjoy reading your book report because you will be able to show that you actually learned something.

Include Good Ideas

Since many bosses are not writing teachers, they will not grade your paper like a professor would. It is a good idea that you just show your boss what you learned. If you boss wants you to address certain related issues at work, be sure to do that in the piece that you have write. Hopefully, you will not have to worry too much about the quality of the writing, but as long as what you write is clear and concise, your boss will be happy with your work.

Many bosses will buy copies of the book for their employees, but if you need to buy your own copy, you should be able to find it new or used at a very low price from online sellers. You should also be able to find a large amount of information to help you write your book report, even if you choose not to read the book.