How to Write a Term Paper Outline: Saving Your Time

You’ll save an immense amount of time if you set aside a portion of your writing process to outlining your term paper. You’ll save even more time if you learn to do this very fast. While constructing a term paper outline can take a lot of think work, it plays a big role in relieving you of much thinking later on. The more you practice this science, the better you’ll become at forming your outline.

Break it up

Instead of searching for key sections that you can use as your main sections within your term paper, rather try a quicker method. Decide yourself how you want to break up your topic. If your paper is on social marketing, then break that subject up into four or more categories that you know you’ll be able to discuss at length.

This method has two main benefits:

  • Your paper’s structure will be original because you’ve thought it up yourself
  • You won’t run out of ideas to write about because the sections are from the same mind the content is coming form; yours!

Once you’ve done this, you can easily break up your sections into smaller subsections, making the writing process that much easier later on. The more subsections you allocate for each main section, the quicker your writing will go later on.

Transition points

One great way to speed up your term paper outline is to add transitional sentences at the start and end of every subsection. This will help you later on not to veer off track with your train of thought. Making transition points is easy. Simply decide how you want to begin each paragraph, and fill in an opening sentence for each subsection. Then, add a closing sentence to each paragraph by looking at the following paragraph’s opening sentence. Make sure your closing sentence leads on to the next paragraph effectively.


A method that will ensure quick outlining and quick future writing is to set yourself up for lists. There’s nothing easier than listing benefits, results, or features of something you’re discussing. Bullet points will also win you points with your teacher—both for useful information, as well as readability. Look for an excuse to create a list within about 30% of your paper. Remember that making too many lists and not enough paragraphs will start looking tacky if you overdo it.