Writing A Strong Informative Research Paper Thesis Statement

An informative research paper teaches the reader about some topic. One of the key elements of an informative paper is its thesis statement that sets the course for all body chapters. It’s important to learn how to compose proper thesis statements because if you have a weak one in your text, your final score will be lowered.

Tips to Compose a Good Thesis Statement

  1. Ask a question.
  2. Every paper has a purpose. Ask yourself what the purpose of your particular paper is. Then, answer this question in one sentence. This sentence should be a good basis for your thesis statement.

  3. Tailor your thesis to the type of your paper.
  4. Since you’re writing an informative research paper, make your thesis sound like it teaches the reader about something or illuminates some point. You shouldn’t make a claim because it’s not an argumentative paper.

  5. Make sure you can prove your thesis.
  6. Don’t compose your main statement until you’ve conducted your study. If you cannot provide evidence to support your thesis, you’ll have to rewrite it or continue your study to find more evidence.

  7. Make your thesis short and to the point.
  8. A thesis statement shouldn’t be longer than one or two sentences. If you create a long thesis, it’s likely that it’ll only confuse the reader. However, if your statement is too short, it might not convey your message properly too.

  9. Place your thesis in the right spot.
  10. Usually, students place their main statements at the end of the introduction. However, there are many factors that might force you to place it in the middle of the opening chapter, for example. Consult your instructor to select the best place for your thesis.

Remember that during the writing process, you may need to make little changes in your thesis, so don’t be afraid to create several drafts.

Getting Help with Writing Research Papers

If you’re struggling with composing your paper or some of its parts, you should ask for assistance. The cheapest way is to regularly visit your instructor. Consult them on any issue and make sure that you take each step properly. They should provide you with rather good explanations.

You may also sign up for taking courses at a local academic center. After their lessons, you’ll be ready to deal with any types of essays and research papers.

Some students prefer to hire personal tutors. This way, you’ll improve your writing skills very quickly. However, this option will also cost you a pretty penny.